Sneak Peek of the 3rd Night

Hello players,

Today we’d like to share a few new exciting details about the next upcoming 3rd night in Try to Fall Asleep. Along with it, we’ll be sharing an update on the development process. So let’s dive in!


Falling asleep phase

We try to do something new and different in each night to make them more unique from one another and more interesting. The 3rd night is where things really start to get tricky… First of all, the help tutorial texts that light up when you either need to turn on your light or hide in the blanket are disabled by default, but can be re-enabled via the pause menu. Second, faster and more intense - things will start to happen more frequently and could raise the stress level faster than before. Third - there are a few new surprises waiting to be discovered in the darkness.

Dreaming phase

The dreaming phases have always been a huge part of the game and therefore we’ve tried to spend and adequate time on them as well. This time, we’ve decided to challenge ourselves and go in a totally new direction. 

The dream itself will take place in the Cottage Town area.

To not spoil anything that happens in the 3rd dream, let’s just say that you’ll end up in situations that have never happened before in the game and in order to survive the dream, you’ll have to act accordingly and put your mind to it. This is going to be one of the most unique dream levels in the game yet.


Another big part of the upcoming 3rd night will be a brand new monster. Made completely from scratch, its appearance is really something to behold and its menacing presence will cause a true disturbance, even in some of the more braver players.


Currently we’re also working on the voiceover work for the entire game. The script for the dialogues is almost finished and it only needs some further polishing before we can hand it out to our voice actors. Speaking of which, we’ve found some really great talent in the voiceover community and we can’t wait to start to work with them eventually and put some of that talent in our game. The hope is to launch the voiceover stuff together with the 3rd night, but because it involves working on all the dreaming phases for all nights, it might take a while to implement it properly. We’re aiming to release the next major update with the 3rd night and voiceover work in early fall. 

That's it for now! Btw, if you have the time for it, please consider to share this game around and give it some more love and attention. We'd really appreciate it :))


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