Future Road map of "Try To Fall Asleep"

Hey players!

Today we've got some announcements for the future of the game as well as a few updates regarding the 0.5 update. 

So first of all, all 2-4 of us want to say a huge thanks to everyone who played the beta, made videos and gave us a lot of incredible feedback. Honestly, we weren't expecting such a huge and positive response.  You all are amazing and the feedback we received will be an incredible tool for make a great game. Thank you!

Alright, let's get down to the business. What's happening with the game, what's the progress, how long is it till the full game! So as you may know, in the making of the newest update we lost all the bug fixes and improvements that we did after launching beta, meaning that we're back at 0.1 again(thank god we had backups!). Currently, everything is running fine and we've managed to re-apply some of the bug fixes that we did in the updates. Here's the thing - at some point we'd like to launch an early access version of the game so that we could use the earnings to buy assets(models, sounds, textures, etc.) and potentially hire voice actors to record some lines for the dream sequences. Since the original plan was to work on the early access shortly after launching the beta, we decided to stick to that plan. So in short, 0.5 will not be released as a beta, but it will come as a true free demo along side the early access version, which will have more content. This will give us a chance to progress faster in the development and apply a lot of new features, like better performance and a rebuilt 1st dream sequence laboratory and nightmare maze. 

The full game? Well, honestly it's really hard to predict, but if all goes well, it should come out later this year. :P

Once again, thank you for everything! We can't wait to continue the development of the game and release more content.  ;)


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