0.5 update will need to be delayed

Hey players,

We just ran into a huge issue with Unity. The issue was spotted when we tried to load the dreaming sequence in the 0.5 build. It turns out, that while building the game files for the 0.5 update, they somehow got corrupted or something else went wrong. Now it looks like the dreaming sequence level is either gone or broken, leaving us with "Invalid serialized file header" error message in Unity's console. We're not sure what to do to fix it or if it's even possible to fix it. If anyone knows Unity very well we'd be so happy is someone could help us out. Either way, unfortunately we'll have to delay the 0.5 until the dream sequence is fixed/saved. Luckily, we do have backups, but it still might take a while. We're really really sorry about this. We'll try to release the 0.5 update asap.

Fingers crossed,



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Apr 20, 2018

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