“Try To Fall Asleep” Beta Patch V0.3

Hello players!

Today we’re releasing a pretty big patch with a lot of requested features and suggestions from the community! So what’s in this update -

Falling asleep sequence

  • Updated tutorial graphics.
  • AB’s voice is now a bit more louder.
  • Hallucinations appear a bit less often.
  • There’s a brand new hallucination!

The dream sequence

  • The map of the facility now has a “You are here” mark on it.
  • Now the player moves slightly slower.
  • Now the player can’t jump out of the nightmare sequence.
  • New animated text continuation icon.
  • Now the player needs to collect 5 instead of 6 fuses.
  • Added a stress ambiance for each stress level.
  • When the player dies in the dream sequence, the game restarts the dream sequence and doesn’t go back to the main menu.
  • Minor performance improvements.

As always, we’re still open to all suggestions and feedback. We’re currently working on a few more complicated improvements, which will take a bit more time to complete. Also, the Mac and Linux version will be available soon. ;)

Enjoy the update!


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