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Just letting you know that i really love your game... i hope the full game is on its way because i really want to play it :) good concept and btw I made a video about your game and feel free to dm me if u have other games that you want me to try :)


That is  awesome game

kerlin is also a mad scientist that want the earth for himself and he has a spacestation

hey can you add a bad guy to this game? i have big ideas and i think i could help with devloment for the game, i can remember over 100 dreams i had, and the scary monster would be shadow man and a person called kerlin, he is bald ,whears work suit and all his hair is spikes so he has spike come out of his head and then back in and he also has a shaved beard etc

wow awesome game, is there cheats? or cheatable? can you please give mininuim and recommened specs for the game?

We'll add minimum spec requirements to the download description asap.

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Hello players! Thanks for all the feedback! We'll be sure to release a brand new patch later this week. We'll try to fix a few small things, improve the optimisation a bit and build a Mac version as well. For more serious improvements it'll need more time, but later down the road we'll try to go thru the entire game and see what things could be improved or even reworked.


Can you make a mac version of this game?


Sure! We'll do it when we'll release the next patch this weekend. ;)


I'M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE! | Try To Fall Asleep | Night 1

This game is very well put together! the monsters are super creepy and i cannot wait to progress further in this :D awesome job on creating this! 


Thanks for the support! We can't wait to release more content later this year!


your most welcome :D i look forward to it :)


So, this was pretty good! I can see how some people perceive some 'FNAF' feelings from the game, but honestly it felt pretty original. I wish there was more to the first half of the nights, though. Unless I just breezed by it and didn't pay attention or play it the way it was meant to be played. I loved the voice acting and the graphics. The animation was phenomenal. I really appreciate the little things in this game: the running animations for the hallucination models (if it's stock, I didn't notice) & being able to actually see your dreams/nightmares materialize into view while your eyes are closed. Everything was visually pleasing. The audio / ambiance was amazing, as well. I liked the fact that it was a two-part night with some little mini-game-ish scenes in between. So, the mechanics were great. The audio was great. Models and scenery were great. The only issues I had with this game were: 

1. The graphics probably need to be optimized a little to improve the frame rate. Usually while recording, if my PC specs are at fault, my facecam frame rate will drop as well. But it wasn't in this case, which means something is happening in the game itself that's causing it to lag. 

2. I fell out of the map at one point! Thank goodness it was in one of the fuse mini-games but I still fell out, nonetheless.

3. The volume was a little all over the place. I had to turn the game volume up to hear AB, but when the jumpscare hit, it pretty much blew out my eardrums. I actually had to adjust the audio in the video I made in segments as well to make it more friendly to the viewer. So maybe lower the volume of the jumpscares and footsteps in mini-games a tiiiiiny bit and increase the volume in AB dialogue? Idk, whatever you wanna do, it's your game! :D

Other than that, the game was amazing! The ideas and execution were great, in my opinion. I'd definitely play a full version of this game. Thanks so much for making this!!

Awesome vid! Thanks for pointing out a few bugs/issues. We'll be sure to release a brand new patch later this week and we'll try to further improve the optimisation.

I'm actually having a weird problem. I tried to record a let's play and, at a certain part I don't know if it's just the increased framerate that he mentioned but, it shuts off my cam entirely. It's only happened on this game. I might just have to let's play this without a face cam. :(


Sweet!! Thank you! :D




I loved the game had perfect ambiance and had pretty good graphics :D.

However i broke the game on my 2nd attempt and was able to sleep through the whole level with just 1 hallucination near the end.

I also made a video of your game i hope you like it :D.


Played through the whole beta and I gotta say, TTFA did grow on me. Performance in the dream was less than stellar but overall things went well. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Here you are, all the feedback is at the end. Seems like some really solid ideas, but the execution needs a bit of work.


Great video! This is something that we were looking for after launching the beta.  Such feedback is crucial for a great game. The feedback was constructive, genuine and it'll definitely help us out moving forward and develop much needed improvements for the game in the future. We already have a few good ideas that would significantly make the falling a sleep and the dreaming sequences much more enjoyable and scarier. Once again, thank you very much for doing this!

With some of the screenshots shown I went in hoping it wasn't going to be some fnaf-style bull, but opening up night one with that was pretty disappointing. The models, animations, sound design and voice acting all sound pretty good, but if it's all mashed into an overdone format, it feels a bit wasted to me. Maybe the game gets better later on, as it looks like there's something more interesting showcased in the screenshots, but the fist night was enough to make me lose all interest. I hope I'm alone in this, as it looks like you've put in a lot of work, best of luck to you all.

Hello there! Thanks for the feedback. We're sorry that you find our game disappointing. We'll try to improve it down the road. It's still a beta, so we're open to any feedback and suggestions from the community. 


Don't let one opinion sway what you want your game to be! I just don't happen to like fnaf style gameplay, but if that's what you want your game to be, then make that game! No one game will appeal to everyone.

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Understandable. There is more to it than that fnaf game mechanic. After falling asleep there's a whole different level with completely different game mechanics. The falling asleep part is a smaller part of the game, but still it's curtail for the lore and the story.

Hmm. I'll give it another go then.


So, I gave it another try. You've got some interesting ideas going on here, but (even realizing this is an early build) there are some, what I found to be, serious gameplay and player punishment issues. I'll have a video out in about five hours that really goes into detail. Hope you find the feedback valid and useful!


Awesome! Thank you for taking your time to do this. Looking forward to your video.

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