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Gave it a go...


Thank you for the video. We're sorry that you felt slightly disappointed with the new demo. We promised this demo in May, since the update for the last demo was canceled because the files on our end got corrupted. Still, this demo is WAY better than the update that would've come out in May.  The early access won't be the same s$%@ though :))))


my support for this game! 

Thank you for the nice gameplay! 



I had a good time with this! That intro is super tight! 

Cool vid! :))

I downloaded the game but there was a problem it was not working so I deleted it but I could not reinstall it because there was no more Download button please help me

All good, all good! Hopefuly the new demo won't have any issues like that :P


SPOOOOOOOOOOOPY  Spooky was So Last Year  *Ahem*


Great job! The graphics, atmosphere and overall game was amazing. Those jumpscares were just genius, they really got me. I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work dude! I can't wait for the full release. 

Cool video! Try to fall asleep to experience the second part of the demo ;) 


My wife and I are extremely intrigued! My only only concern was the pacing of the dream sequence? The concept was too much like Slender in my opinion and dragged on a bit. But other then that, it was fantastic! I hope to see more from this game! 

Awesome video! More is coming, both for the falling asleep sequence and the dream sequences. Hopefully, you'll get to experience a few unexpected surprises :)))

i had  to wait 6 hours for it to load get it on steam it so much better but yeah can be filled with crappy and ripp off games and its just annoying anyway who made always wondered and thats it

I downloaded this game so many times but the rar file is corrupt why ???? any fix? 

Most players don't have this issue, but interestingly enough, you're not the first who's having that issue. Honestly, we have no idea what's causing it. Maybe try to get the game from Steam? Also, trying out a different .rar uncompressing software might fix the issue.

Download the game of of steam (if you have it) it will work it did for me

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Maybe If You Guys Add One Of The Monsters Horns Or Make A New Monsters That Appears Under The Bed That Would Be Insane! You Have To Check Under The Bed With A Key Binding And The Lamp Must Be On While You're Checking Under The Bed Or The Monster Will Jumpscare You Immeadetly And The Stress Level Will Be Half Way Filled Up.Maybe The Other Nights Should Be Different Like New Enemies New Stuff EveryNight I Hope That Would Be Helpfull!  :)


Great ideas and suggestions! Someone else will come along in the full version of the game ;)

Can you play this game on a 32-bit PC?

Well, that might not be a good idea :P

I think after the 2nd part the kid wouldn't wake up and try to fşnd others. Then wake up. Then his parents would be missing and the shadow people would chase. He would try to run from them and maybe some other additional parts. Then i think it would be better.

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I want the robot poster thats in the lab!

"Work is awesome! Thanks to work, you can pay your rent!"

I need it. 


so while i was playing the game i came across two bugs, one: the after the robot would say 'close your eyes, go on' it would proceed to say oh, okay as if i muted it and not continue. another thing is that suddenly the stress level would start to go really high and i would be unable to make it go down no matter what - if you you guys could please fix this that would be great :)

Thanks, we'll work on it!

What happened to the mac build?

It's kinda difficult to make a mac build. Mainly because the macOS software doesn't like to run 3rd party apps outside of their App store. It's really frustrating :P


Amazing, can't wait for the full release!

Currently theres a bug where the monster in the first level can't "attack" you, you can go from sleeping to instantly hiding under the bed.

Nicely Spotted, we will check that out! 


A famous YouTuber called Markiplier played this game the game really looks amazing.

Oh nice! Thanks for letting us know!
I found a bug that made me laughing a long time x)


We'll work on it xD


im going to donate some money beacause this is really a neat idea :) keep up the good work

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Thank you! Your donation will help us a lot!


I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways...


im sorry

when i try to download the game a notepad pops up what is this

why would you reply to this??

Will the game still be free at full release?

We do plan to put a price on the full release, but it won't cost more than 10$. There will be a free demo and an early access version as well. We'll announce more details later in the future.


Absolutely incredible game! I had to donate after playing the demo. So much more tense than Slender/FNAF, and of course the story seems so much more intriguing! Cannot wait to learn more.

 I guess I have Jacksepticeye to thank for introducing it to me! :) 

Thank you very much! We have something incredible in the works and we can't wait to share more of it. ;)


That's awesome to hear, I can't wait to see more! :D Also, I assume it has been considered already, but I had suggestions from people saying maybe the fuses could be randomised in Night 1

That's not a bad idea, but it would be a hassle for those people who fail multiple times in the dream sequence. :P


Very true. Like me and my brother, we took it in turns and failed so many times haha :) But that's the fun thing, you can fail it as many times as needed, and it doesn't feel repetitive! 


I really enjoyed playing your demo and hope you'll continue the next nights as I'd totally love to play more and do a series on it! Thanks for such a great game and awesome idea! 

Thank you! We appreciate it :)



Love the demo, can't wait to see the full release of this, keep up the great work ;)


Hey there! Just wanted to say that I LOVED the demo! It's got a great atmosphere and awesome concept, with enough world-building to easily grow into its final build without being forced.

There are some issues here and there, but it's forgivable at this early stage! (However I will say I found a way to cheat the "fall asleep" portion of the demo ;D)

Keep up the good work! I will be keeping an eye out for the final release!

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Thank you! We appreciate the feedback. We can't wait to develop more content ;)


This was both horrifying and super fun! Way too hard to keep the eyes shut for long XD


grate game super creepy was nice to play a horror with a good twist. 


I really like this game, but the graphics are a bit too much for my laptop, as is apparent from my videos.

Holy night terrors this was good! I find that the level of difficulty is a tad high (or perhaps I'm doing this all wrong!), but the feel of it and the atmosphere and AB's voice are all amazing! I'm super excited to play more of this in the future (and hopefully beat night 1).

Keep up the awesome work, everyone! =)


Thanks! As the first night is the only night that's available in the beta, it was intentionally made to be harder than it should be, so that more things would happen and we could see if all of them worked. Everything is gonna be more balanced in the full version.


I figured Night 1 was the only one in this demo, which explains the hardness. But that's fine, this game did a cracking job of creeping me out regardless haha!

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Great fun little horror game. Huge FNAF feel in the beginning but then transitions to something completely different! Definitely recommend this game! Can't wait for the full release! 

En verdad muy buen juego



Don't know if I was just super unlucky, if the game was just being super buggy, or if I'm just not good, but even with about half way starting out lead in the first hour, I still wasn't able to get to sleep because it just felt like anything and everything, even just random nothingness was causing my stress to go up. Frequently my stress went up when I turned the lamp on, which shouldn't be happening obviously and even just going up slightly when nothing seemed to be happening. Maybe I'll try it again when that new update that's on the way comes out. Hope you enjoy the video! 

There are spooky events that we make your stress go up, just to make the level a bit more interesting and challenging

Good Game!

I had a blast with this! Game is put together very well and has some awesome and unique mechanics! Can't wait to see this fleshed out more! Keep it up!

Original game but gave me a five nights at freddys feal but anyhoo  its a good quality game just some problem with the game sensitivity when your dreaming its very slow. Good game :D

Glad you enjoyed it! The game's sensitivity will be addressed in the next 0.5 update.


This game man...just watch the clip XD

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Amazing game. The falling asleep sequence has such a rich atmosphere, unique mechanics and really novel scares. If the demo was only that I'd be impressed.

I can see others have commented on the problems with the chase sequences... I would humbly suggest making these more about quick, calculated decisions, rather than blind luck. Say you already start out running with the monster behind you, and you have to quickly choose paths ahead of you, dodging and avoiding obstacles... maybe even creating obstacles for the monster... though I understand there's a lot more dev time involved in that. At any rate I'd take them out entirely rather than leave them the way they are. Sorry if that seems harsh but I still think it's great overall!

Thanks for the great feedback! We're actually thinking about completely rebuilding the nightmare chasing sequence and we do have a few pretty cool ideas how to enhance the experience. :)

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