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I loved playing this game. Have not gotten around to playing all nights, but it is definitely on my agenda. I enjoyed playing this game alot.

The Voices Keep Me Awake

Really enjoyed what I played of this game, I was only a little stressed out with it XD.

Horror games with this theme are the most fun to play

Gameplay PT-BR

speed up the reading ability


this game stessed me out really enjoyed playing will probably play full game


Creepy and enough different stuff to keep you on your toes and not become stale and boring. Well Done, looking forward to how the final product looks


10/10 kept good atmosphere and tension throughout, with actually unexpected jumpscares

Will there be a Mac version?


your mom

i just normally was installing game and at 700MB it sayd i cant install it because its "prohibated" whats the problem?

There is no need to "install" the demo. You can simply unzip the downloaded file to any folder and jump right into it.

install is same

sorry for wasting your time (About 5 days)

i keep getting this problem "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk." what do i do?


Why is it free here but 11.99 on steam?

The version on is just a demo. On Steam you can get and Early Access verion with 2 more nights + all the following nights as they come out. Those who buy the Early Access, will also get the full game for free when it's finished. 

Ah I see, thanks I think I'm gonna buy the Early Access version on steam.


great game. excellent visual presentation. especially with the mini games. they have an eerie, cool vibe and i wish they were longer with more to explore. encountered a couple bugs, but really enjoyed the experience overall.


This game is awesome. One of my favorite games on here. Cant wait to play the rest of the Nights! 



Awesome game!! One of my favourites heres some highlights from the game jumpscares and laughs😁cant wait for night 4! Keep up the good work ✌

hello whenever i am at the loading part the game crashes

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I remember playing an earlier version of the game... i still haven't played with the new updates... i'm HYPED! ARIGATOU FOR THE AMAZING GAME! Will rerecord with the updates! :D

Hello, I know this Is wired. But may I create A Vr Version of your game fully credited to you

How do you launch the game. I have the files but dont know how to ope

Simply extract the compressed file to your desired folder. Then double click the .EXE file. Lemme know if it works ;))



my pc is not that good so can you do something that low spec pcs can handle this game please?

But the game looks insane 


For the next update, will add a "performance" graphical option for very low-speced PCs ;))


I uploaded my play-through in Japanese! Dude, I only played night one but I can tell this game is the scariest game ever. I enjoyed playing but did not enjoy wetting my pants...γŠγ—γ£γ“γ‘γ³γ‚Šγγ†γ«γͺγ‚‹γγ‚‰γ„ζ€–γ‹γ£γŸγ§γ™γ€‚γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ—γŸοΌŸ

Awesome! Arigato for the letsplay :))


Late to the party eh!!

But finally i  managed to get through the (for now) Final Night!!
So i have to say I cant with for night 4!


This is honestly one of the best games i have played from this site. I made a video for my channel and i enjoyed every second. Check it out 

Nice vid! Can't wait for part 2 :))

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oh no the second night is EVEN worse than the FIRST!!!

Yeah, sorry for the crash... It was meant to me an easter egg, we'll change it up in the next update :P


OH ok so the skeleton is something special :D so now i am at least happy i found it!


Just played Night 3 and I'm loving it! Can't wait for Night 4!

Night 4 will be fun ;))

I am excited :)


Ok i got to say this game is genuinely scaring me and this after replaying the first night 3 times!!!! It is just amazing! If you'd like to see what i mean get the game yourself or check out my video to make up your mind!!

Love the thumbnail :))


Thank you :D 

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The usual suspects - WASD(move), F(flashlight), Left Shift(Run), Space(Jump). The controls for the falling asleep phase are on the screen.


JUST DON'T LOOK AT IT! You're not a little child anymore, but something is definitely OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW. You try not to be scared. It's at the FOOT OF YOUR BED NOW! Turn on the light! Can you keep your EYES CLOSED long enough to dream?

I cant figure out how to play the game after I download the game into a file

Extract the archive file into a folder and then double click on the .EXE file.


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No promises, but we'd be down for a Mac port

*Happiness noises*

Erm... any luck?

We don't have a decent Mac to test our game builds on :'))


This game is so cool and the concept is fresh and original. Overall it's a really great game!

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yeah clearly im going to sleep with the lights on (PLAYLIST)




Really creepy, nice and polished! Cant wait to play more!


Hey , Very nice game , good job , Ambiance is really  great !!

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Congrats you got a game theory about you!. Such a Good Game, looking forward to rest of the game. A question, will this game be free forever even when its on Steam. If it needs a price, dont go 60 bucks. instead do like 15 bucks or 25 bucks.

Thanks, we're really happy about GameTheory, too! :)) The demo with the 1st night will be free forever. As for the full price, 60 bucks is a total overkill for our game. This is not confirming anything, but we wouldn't go higher than 15-20$. Right now it's availabe on Steam for 10$ and we also do sales for it from time to time ;))  


I know I’m late to this game by like a whole year but I can’t right now get the full game and was interested in it so I got the demo and this game blew my socks off. I decided to make a video on it and I am really interested in getting the full game in the future. Great job man.

Thanks for the letsplay! :))


This was insanely good! I was very confused most of the time, but that gave way to excitement! I love the different gameplay elements when picking up the fuses. That adds a lot of variety and a fresh feel to the game. Here's my playthrough:


Nice playthrough! :))

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